Donald Trump and the 2024 Presidential Elections

Donald Trump, the Former President of the United States of America, has recently said during an interview given to the New York Magazine, at his Golf Resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, that he might be running for the Presidential elections to be held in 2024. He also mentioned that he has definitely made up his mind, and the only question that remains is when to formally announce the same—before or after the midterm elections, to be held in November 2022.

He said announcing before November will come as a great advantage to him, as it will dissuade other potential candidates from launching their campaigns. Earlier, there were rumors that Trump might launch his third presidential campaign on the Fourth of July, but he denied such plans in the interview.

In addition to that, Trump shared that he doesn’t consider Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (the top Republican contender) or any other potential GOP candidate as his rival. No matter how he gets the nominations, he is quite confident that if he decides to run, he will definitely win the elections.

Unlike all the other previous Unites States Presidents who chose to retire immediately after their one or two-term stints, Donald Trump has continued to stay in politics, and proactively plays his leadership role in the Republican Party. He still meets all the party leaders and officials, addresses all the rallies, and much more.

The 45th President of the USA, Donald Trump, claims that prior to the pandemic, he delivered the lowest unemployment rate in the last fifty years. He also says that under his leadership, the USA has seen the largest poverty reduction in history.

If he wins the election, he might pursue his vision of foreign policy in an unconstrained way, which also includes withdrawing the USA from NATO. There might be security agreements with Japan and South Korea.

Not to forget that he is weighing another bid for the White House Presidential Elections in 2024, after being impeached twice, and losing the elections by 7,052,770 votes to Biden in 2020. Trump feels he needs to be President again to save himself from all the legal troubles and criminal probes against him.

Many Republicans might welcome Mr. Trump’s entry into the presidential race. His move would also aggravate persistent divisions over whether he is their best hope to win the elections.

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