Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 - Everything That You Should Know

Here's some good news for all football fans! FIFA World Cup 2022, the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, is all set to happen in Qatar this time. Eight groups with four teams will compete in the world’s biggest football tournament from late November to mid-December. The World Cup is slated to take place on 18th December 2022, also celebrated as Qatar National Day.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Teams

A total of 32 counties will participate in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Each country is categorised into one of four groups. Here are the details:





A1- Qatar

B1- England

C1- Argentina

D1- France

A2- Ecuador

B2- Iran

C2- Saudi Arabia

D2- Denmark

A3- Senegal


C3- Mexico

D3- Tunisia

A4- Netherlands

B4- Wales

C4- Poland

D4- Australia





E1- Spain

F1- Belgium

G1- Brazil

H1- Portugal

E2- Germany

F2- Canada

G2- Serbia

H2- Ghana

E3- Japan

F3- Morocco

G3- Switzerland

H3- Uruguay

E4- Costa Rica

F4- Croatia

G4- Cameroon

H4- Korea Republic

FIFA 2022 – What Should You Know?

Although Qatar has strict social taboos around alcohol, the host nation will serve beer in the football stadiums. However, fans can only take the non-alcoholic beer to their seats. Lusail Stadium, the venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022 final, will host the tournament's first match.

Impact of Fifa World Cup 2022 on Qatar

Qatar is expected to add approximately USD 17 billion to its economy from the FIFA World Cup 2022. As a result, the host nation will be in the global spotlight for an entire month. However, the benefits might get skewed despite the increase in economic activity, considering that Qatar is a tax haven.

Further, Australia, one of the major exporters to Qatar for food and engineering services, will benefit directly from Qatar hosting FIFA 2022. The world cup hosting countries have historically noted an increase in GDP. But that’s not long-lasting. Undoubtedly, the clear winner of the FIFA World Cup is FIFA itself.

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